DMSS-R (Dementia Diagnosis and Management Support System, revised version) main purpose is providing support for physicians in their diagnostic reasoning and choice of interventions when meeting new patients with a suspected dementia disease.

DMSS-R is a clinical decision support system that is being developed in cooperation between the departments of Computing Science and Social Medicine and Rehabilitation, Geriatric division, Umeå University. The development is being done in close cooperation with the Geriatric Centre at the University Hospital in Umeå, and health care centres in the region contribute in evaluations. The cooperation has the past year been extended through the research consortium Swedish Brain Power in as a national effort to increase the quality of dementia care in Sweden. International cooperation includes physicians, care providing organisations and ICT businesses in Japan, China and South Korea.

DMSS-R has been developed as a multi-professional research project involving experts in geriatrics, rehabilitation professionals and computer scientists in an iterative, participatory design process. The approach taken in this work is activity-oriented rather than clinical practice guideline oriented, by embracing the whole dementia investigation process as the scope of analysis and environment to be supported. This wider, activity-centered approach is promoted in research, in particular for developing systems to be integrated in complex, knowledge-intensive, multi-professional and collaborative work environments. In our approach to this potential use situation, we focus on what is to be accomplished in the clinical situation, which is providing optimal and tailored care to the individual patient considering circumstances and available resources. Prototypes have been developed for different purposes in the project and used as knowledge artifacts for creating a common perception of the knowledge to be integrated in the system. In this process, analyses of the domain knowledge have been conducted. Studies in clinical practice have been done in order to capture the situatedness of the use environment, in which prototypes have been integrated. The use environments have been clinics in Sweden, Japan and South Korea. DMSS-R was constructed on the basis of the results of these studies.

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