DMSS-R is soon available

The clinical decision support system (CDSS) DMSS (Dementia Management Support System) is being developed to assist medical personnel in the investigation of suspected cases of dementia. The main purpose of the system is to function as an extension of the individual actor’s cognitive ability and as a common ground for collaborative and distributed teamwork. The system is designed to support higher-level cognitive functions such as reasoning, decision-making and learning. However, another critical functionality is also to collect patient data of high quality to be used to develop further the international evidence-based knowledge in the clinical domain as well as the knowledge integrated in the system. DMSS is designed to provide interactive support throughout the diagnostic process, giving reminders of what necessary evidence is missing, giving alerts when particular data require alternative trails of investigation, giving suggestions of diagnosis, etc.

DMSS-R is currently used in controlled evaluation settings, providing data for a final quantitative and summative evaluation. DMSS-R is available in Swedish, English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

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