DMSS-R is soon available

The clinical decision support system (CDSS) DMSS (Dementia Management Support System) is being developed to assist medical personnel in the investigation of suspected cases of dementia. The main purpose of the system is to function as an extension of the individual actor’s cognitive ability and as a common ground for collaborative and distributed teamwork. The system is designed to support higher-level cognitive functions such as reasoning, decision-making and learning. However, another critical functionality is also to collect patient data of high quality to be used to develop further the international evidence-based knowledge in the clinical domain as well as the knowledge integrated in the system. DMSS is designed to provide interactive support throughout the diagnostic process, giving reminders of what necessary evidence is missing, giving alerts when particular data require alternative trails of investigation, giving suggestions of diagnosis, etc.

DMSS-R is currently used in controlled evaluation settings, providing data for a final quantitative and summative evaluation. DMSS-R is available in Swedish, English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

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DMSS-R shows high compliance with physicians’ assessments

A recent evaluation study shows that the DMSS-R system’s interpretation of available patient data has high compliance with the physician’s view on the patient case (84 %). The study also indicates which topics need more support in the form of personalized educational support. The study is published as a research paper with the title “Limitations in Physicians’ Knowledge when Assessing Dementia Diseases – an Evaluation Study of a Decision-Support System” and was presented at the conference Medical Informatics in Europe 2011 in Oslo.



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DMSS-R in Bucheon Medical Center, Korea

Bucheon Medical Center in Korea was finalized and taken into use in April, 2010.

DMSS-R was installed to work a tool for aiding the personnel providing the best possible dementia care and increase the knowledge in dementa.

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Improving dementia care

There is a need to improve dementia care!

Dementia care is characterized by the range of guidelines available focusing parts of the domain, which are developed for different purposes, and the range of symptoms and diseases to take into consideration in the clinical reasoning. Guidelines are typically focusing one disease, and describe schoolbook cases, while in reality a significant number of cases have mixed etiologies. Therefore, a synthesis of guidelines is required in order to provide support at the point of care. In addition to the wide range of symptoms to take into consideration that include physical, behavioral, cognitive and psychological phenomenon, they also change over time. Furthermore, the severity may increase due to environmental factors in addition to disease progression. The number of medical and health professionals typically involved in a patient case also makes the care of persons with a dementia disease subjected to challenges.

DMSS is a system that aids the dementia diagnostic process, the collaborative knowledge building in a patient case and the continuing medical education of personnel that care for persons suffering from a demetia disease.

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